Brass Monkey 39L Fold Down Collapsable Cooler Box (Chill Chest)


RRP AUD $39.95

No more lugging around your oversized, awkward-to-carry cooler. The chill chest is the new lightweight, collapsible, ice-free cooler that keeps food and drink cold

This handy insulated food and drinks chest folds flat when not in use, and opens up to a 39L box to keep your food hot or drinks cold for hours. No ice or heat source is required. Perfectly suited for use in a caravan, RV, or boat where storage space is limited, or for storing in the boot of your car to transport your frozen or chilled groceries home from the supermarket. Lightweight, durable, and easy to use.

- Lightweight
- Foldable
- Ice-less
- Fits up to 60 Cans
- Polypropylene Construction