74L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge/Freezer with Solar Charger Input plus Handles + Wheels and Supports Removable Battery


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RRP AUD $549.00 / NZD $659.00

74L fridge/freezer with internal battery compartment.
• LCD Control Panel

This 74L fridge or freezer is a great, robust and reliable fridge/freezer for your next camping trip or outdoor get together. Fitted with carry handles and durable wheels to help take this lightweight fridge/freezer anywhere. The digital display and controls are mounted on the side, and the lid has moulded can holders and rulers for added convenience. Battery supported and solar ready for continuous operation*.

Additionally, this unit has a removable battery compartment, which will allow you to use one of our Brass Monkey batteries so your fridge will keep working while you are between campsites. 

The Anderson to DC plug cable GH2016 (sold separately) allows you to use the sun's power when the internal battery is installed to charge the battery while in use.

• High Cooling Performance 45 Watts Compressor Reaches -20°C
• Lightweight & small size
• Quiet with little noise less than 38dB
• LCD control panel
• Cigarette socket cable included
• Comes with 12/24V power lead and 240VAC mains adaptor
* Batteries and solar panel sold separately.