Fridge Tie-Down Brackets for Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers with Handles removed


RRP AUD $12.95 / NZD $14.90

These tie-down brackets replace the handles on compatible Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers, and provide a strong and safe fridge anchor point that can be strapped to a vehicle anchor.

Anchor a Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer with these metal tie-down brackets. Simply unscrew the fridge handles, and screw on the metal brackets in their place. Intended for semi-permanent mounting, as the handles remain removed. Use any tie-down strap to anchor the fridge to a suitable tie-down point.

If mounting the bracket with the handle is preferred, see Fridge Tie-Down Bracket GH2058.

Suits Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer models:

GH1640, GH1642, GH1644, GH1680, GH1682, GH2020, GH2022, GH2024, GH2030, GH2032, GH2034, GH2036, GH2038, GH2040, GH2042, GH2044, GH2080, GH2082

For Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezers with handles that can be unscrewed, that are not listed above, check compatibility in store. Not suitable for fridge/freezers with molded or recessed handles including the Brass Monkey Compact Fridge/Freezers.