12.6 Volt Power Supply for Charging Brass Monkey Battery


RRP AUD $39.95 / NZD $47.90

Keep Brass Monkey Fridge/Freezer Batteries fully charged with this standalone mains powered battery charger that plugs directly into the battery when it is removed from the fridge battery cradle. Suitable for pre-Version 3 Lithium Batteries.

This 12.6 volt Mains Power Supply charges older Brass Monkey fridge/freezer batteries while removed from the fridge. This is a great option if the trip home is too short to fully charge the battery ready for the next use, or where multiple batteries are used alternately. No need to remove the fridge from the vehicle. Just remove the battery from its cradle for charging , or swap it with a second charged battery. Features a 2.5mm DC jack that plugs directly into the battery.

Compatible Batteries (These batteries are all discontinued)

Note: This charger is not suitable for the newer Version 3 Lithium Battery models. Version 3 models require the 12.6 Volt Power Supply GH2059.