45L Brass Monkey Portable Fridge or Freezer with LG Compressor


RRP $449

Brass Monkey Portable Fridge
• 12VDC powered (240V via Power Supply)
• Metal outer casing
• 45L Capacity
• LG Compressor

Providing flexibility for caravans and boats, you can use 12/24V power when away, and 240V power when using site / shore power. This reduces stress on your batteries when mains power is available. This fridge / freezer allows you to adjust the temperatures as required, with an efficient LG compressor system for reliable temperature control with minimal power consumption. This fridge can be monitored and controlled by the Brass Monkeys App, available for iOS and Android. Finished in a sleek metal case for durability and corrosion resistance, it’s the perfect companion to any trip. 

• 45L Capacity
• High efficiency LG compressor
• 12/24VDC Operation
• 240VAC with power supply
• Battery protection
• Bluetooth® Functionality – Control and monitor temperature via Brass Monkey App